Home Owner’s Insurance

First-time Home Buyers

For the first time home buyer, there is a litany of resources to help you investigate topics from loans and mortgages to taxes and the finer points of moving in to the home owner realm.   But an equally imperative detail – though often overlooked – is homeowners insurance. When should you get it?  What should

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Mortgage Insurance

In the midst of a world-wide pandemic that has caused massive layoffs and historic unemployment is an apt time to discuss Mortgage Insurance. This is protection for when borrowers take on a home mortgage and then get sick, laid off, or for another insured reason find themselves unable to make payments to the lender. Keep

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House and Home Coverages

So, you want to insure your home. But you’re not sure what is covered under a standard policy.  What factors should you consider when evaluating potential risks?  How much is the right amount of coverage?  Read on to find out. What does house and home insurance cover? While homeowners insurance policies can differ and will

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